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    Hello there. As you know, the pages her barely show any info (Except equestria girls 3 and Twivine sparkle)

    Not to mention most pages are irrelevent to MLPEG and MLP:FIM.

    I say, we add rules to the wiki. Here are my proposals:

    1. Pages MUST be related to My Little Pony: Equestria girls (any equestria girls movie or short).

    2. Pages cannot just be pictures or videos, they must include info about the pages subject.

    3. Character pages must atleast have two sentences of info.

    4. Don't swear, children are welcome on this wiki.

    First time breaking

    A warning.

    Second time breaking

    A warning.

    Third time warning

    Banned for a week (counting as a warning)

    Fourth time breaking


    First time breaking

    Page deleted + warning

    Second time breaking

    Page deleted + warning …

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